Tuesday, October 10


The sky was darkening
in a way she loved
the sun was dead
high up above

her eyes were barely open
hard work
on a pointless afternoon

resurfacing quirks

need to be shelved

and of course I can't write anymore

because when it happens
it's more than it ever was
or will be


I need to frown
and say

I do.



Get back in there
stay put
sweet murder is afoot

don't make a sound
don't move
stay numb
right in your groove

they will not let you cry
just slowly watch you fry
they will not let you try
yet they will not let you die

toss the syringe
fetch the quack
blind him
till he can't look back

Happy Birthday John


Prerona said...

nice! i like the first one better :D

Brazen Head said...

The second one sounded more like a country song (new country.. with all the Canadian country pep perhaps) than like a poem.

Keep writing though.

bert moth said...

Reading this was like teetering on the edge of some impossible moment when you feel you might go insane, but you'll never know if you do. Transfixing.

raven said...

i have to disagree with brazen head, and i love the line "sweet murder is afoot"
this sounds better each time i read it *went over it about 3 times* i like it

Inkblot said...

prerona: me too :)

brazen head: you think I could singalong :P

thanks for visiting

doc: REALLY?

raven : now that feels good :)

aria said...

Yeah me 3 likes the first one more. The second one is kewl too ... does sound like a song.

Anonymous said...

I like the first one. Felt familiar... did you post it before?

Her eyes were barely open
hard work
on a pointless afternoon

I like this bit. Can make me sleep, if youknow what i mean. :)

Woman?? said...

Happy Birthday John.

ShadowLor said...

must admit...this scared me a bit. but it's amazing, i keep going back over it

Inkblot said...

aria: thanks

aparna: you read a draft :)

woman: it was on the 9th

shadowlor: hmmmm-you want scary- read the beat to pulp posts in feb...with the alcatraz pics

Woman?? said...

Seems close to you... this John.

There is much sadness in your work.

www.gypsynan.blogspot.com said...

I am back...bhaalo tow? recovering for the last time ever ...time to cross the boat... or is it the moat?

Inkblot said...

woman: john lennon was born on 9th October...

gypsynan: good to know ur back.tell me abou it- boat, moat et al

Woman?? said...

I know.