Monday, December 11


a cold long wait
or a warm inviting one
lilting along a luminous lullaby
loving every little linger
along the lonely winding winterway

for all you who sleep tonight
for all you who weep tonight
for all you who creep into
furrowed familiar facades
of formidable futures
fashioned by soft sweet fingers
feeling for fantasies
fallen by the wayside

am I freaking you out?

Hannibal just offered me a slice of pie
requiem for a redolent lie

I'm just here to die
smile sweetheart and ask me why
as the smoke muses merrily up
to a rough brown sky
arms wide open
lips sealed
to a lost pipe
you claimed was all yours

as I grimace at the rotting tobacco
rife with the smell of last night
lost night
lost fight
last bite

and you just might
but not quite

find a piece of me
on your windscreen
glimpse a touch of me
through your smokecreen
taste a bit of me
on your coffee cup
waste a lot of me
as you fuck up.


Cocaine Jesus said...

back with a smasher. good to read your words again.

Prerona said...

loved the first few verses. didnt like the last line. its probably just me - seemed incongruous. but the reast was AWESOME

bert moth said...

Fading like a billow of smoke leaving its trail. It's everywhere and nowhere.

And we finally get to read your every twist and turn again. Wonderful!

xFreaKx said...

Smashing indeeed! So nice to be blown away by your words again! Keep sending it! Rockstar! :p

Inkblot said...

cj: thank you. I could smash a few now :P

prerona: I think the last line is about all I like of this one. glad you think otherwise.

doc:if you only knew. and then again- smoke and mirrors perhaps!

xfreakx:ooooo, if only! shall don a bandana and torn jeans and drum on the TV.thanks buddy!

Inkblot said...

Woman said:

Why is pain so integral to beauty?

Is it in my eyes
That I see it in your words?
Or is it in your words
That my eyes water?

Beauty born
From honesty.
I live your words

Welcome back Inkblot.


San said...

taste a bit of me ;)

oooh i'm a poisonous sip

{illyria} said...

last line bit the bullet. wow.

mermaid said...

Winter really deepens the darkness here.

1$ Saint said...

man every time i find the time 2 read ur blog...there is always so much...n everything is good...super consistency i say....

aria said...

Very touching lines .. esp the last para brought a tear ..
Welcome back to the blog world ...

Quang said...

excellent poem. my favorite lines:" Hannibal just offered me a slice of pie/Requiem for a redolent lie". i just started a poetry blog (not sure in the hopes of what), but it is refreshing to come across works like yours.

Inkblot said...

woman: thanks :D

san: oooooo I'm dead!

illyria: yes yes yes :P

mermaid: where have you BEEN? lovely to have you back...and yes, perhaps.

Inkblot said...

1$ saint: thanks buddy...keep visiting.

aria: cannot decide whether to stay...will be back again I guess

quang: thank you. will visit-

ShadowLor said...

Like how your tone changed at the end. yay for venome! ^_^

much hope

shikha said... surprise each time!!!

{illyria} said...

happy new year's, lovely. xx.

Aradhita said...

you have been as absent as me...why?

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Like a slightly cracked violin, keening but haunting.

Do you never feel happy?


Inkblot said...

shadowlor: yay :D

shikha: thanks and hny

illyria: you too and 'lovely' shall be my motto hereafter

aradhita: on my side, yes it is

JAP: guess again

Shiv said...

bloghopped here and I liked the poems in ur blog...