Thursday, March 15

9 crimes

tasting what you can't smell

mincing coffee beans with coriander

drinking red colour blind

eating before the kill

beating bubbles that won't burst

dancing to a dead tune

making love to lettuce

lying in bed alone

writing crap


this has got to die
i said this has got to stop
this has got to lie down
with someone else on top
you can keep me pinned
'cause it's easier to tease
but you can't paint
an elephant
quite as good as she ...

(Damien Rice- 9)


Woman?? said...


Ricercar said...

writing crap - am guilty of that often :)

Cocaine Jesus said...

and i still love reading YOU.

aria said...

writing crap :) you think so .. but so many of us can relate to even this .. (I keep writing crap .. all the time ..)


Randomness can be fun! I love the little elephant poem.

Is writing crap a crime? Now that is the question.


Inkblot said...

woman: thanks :)

P: oh no no no :D

cj: liar!

aria: thank goodness. lol

ep: so my first one was-

guess what I like eating most
a crisp crunchy piece of toast
topped with butter one inch thick
wouldn't you like to have a lick!

and its been ages since I had that...

rebel_heart said...

i like this one.

mermaid said...

Smell and red are bold. Something is dying, and I wonder what will grow in its place.

bert moth said...

Since when is making love to lettuce a crime?

Aradhita said...

Random is not crap. crap is not random. Random crap is not crime :)

Cocaine Jesus said...

oh yeah?
and just who are you calling a liar?

{illyria} said...

stream of consciousness is GOOD.

Inkblot said...

rebel heart: thank you, was just messing around :)

mermaid: I get scared when you read between the lines!!

doc: if you're not serious then I aint either :D

Inkblot said...

aradhita: now a mathematician would be flummoxed with that one!

cj: and guess who. lol. and is that not a compliment?? :)

illyria: thats all it ever is usually, for me (though woolf did it differently I'd say- never figured out if there's a construction behind it- method in the madness sort of thing)

San said...

ah this is the dose i've been missing out on! you crack me up woman!