Sunday, February 25


floating in the air
dancing in my mind
swimming inside somewhere
waiting to be made

a clever ruse
a passionate ploy
a hopeful accident
or perhaps
real real......


our minds pressed and guarded
while our flesh disregarded
the lack of space for the light-hearted
in the boom that beats our drum

and i know i make you cry
i know sometimes you wanna die
but do you really feel alive without me?
if so be free
if not leave him for me
before one of us has
accidental babies
for we are ...

(Damien rice - accidental babies from 9)


The Lovers card affirms my alter ego is a port key to a Soul Mate or deal, whose superpower is compatibility in the midst of reconciling dichotomy to interconnect as a whole new entity or 'color.' To be or not to be: at ultimatum or rival tensions mounting, negotiating acceptable trade-offs validates our unique perspectives to reflect what each lacks for a balanced voice of truce. When we're together I'm beside myself, so I concede mutual vested interest, incentive or opportunity to my other half for valued consideration. For only by the power of self-respect in reciprocal vulnerability, need and compassion do 'me and thee consummate we.' The rest is all a dance on the sidelines of Cinderella Pandering or prohibition, or around a Bermuda Triangle of bottom line temptation to cheat by provocation, promiscuity, or shame. But here at the gate of impasse, I still have a choice and my pride..

(My daily tarot or is it carrot??)


Ricercar said...

hmm. feeling weirdly outta words. deflated. tired. will come back

aria said...

"a hopeful accident.."
hmm .. :)

"But here at the gate of impasse, I still have a choice and my pride.."
amen to that!
LOL @ carrot.

Aradhita said...

hey where can I read my tarot card? (for free)

mermaid said...

This reminds me of our egos, how we think we control everything, how we think we've got it all figured out. And then, poof, the ground shifts, and we fall and hit our heads, and sober up to our humble natures and the questions that still remain.

Your posts still take a stab at the dark, to bleed a little light. Keep it up.

Inkblot said...

p: where are you?? rested yet? cheer up

aria: part II may not warrant an 'amen' . keep reading...

aradhita: set it up on

mermaid: thanks. I keep hoping blodd letting is a good thing