Friday, June 29


eenie meenie mynee mo
who came knocking at the door?

wide eyed froggy wet and sore
long faced doggie, cat eyed whore

chill eyed baby wanting more

wanting wanting
ranting panting
needing bleeding

weaving flowers
white and gold
counting sundrops
new and old

freshly frozen flowers blooming
winking moon and thunder looming
crickets buttercups
cherries cherubs

filtered brew
and cosy blue
on scattered sunday morning

whats your name
and whats your game

and where's my fifty days of fame?

you lost the plot
I ploughed the rot

you tossed a stone
I chewed the bone

can smell the cookies burning

lets catch some fish
or break a dish
and make the morning special
lets crack some eggs
and black some beans
and wrap our legs around us

the jam is gone
the evening long
i sang a song
that all went wrong

the lamb is here
never fear
dancing's on
the fever's gone



Woman?? said...

Nice rhythm. Nice imagery.

Ricercar said...

very nice
just the kind of stuff i love

kinkminos said...

Ah, the joyous joyless trials and tribulations of heterosexual relationshipeering.

I enjoyed reading it.

Soul in Transit said...


aria said...

Cute :D

{illyria} said...

how was your trip, sweetie?

Prmod Bafna said...

Ooooh how playfully nice! I'm sure you had as much writing it as i did reading :P Long timee since i dropped by and so nice to be visiting again :) Hope all is fine with you!

cocaine jesus said...

fun to read. dazzling in fact.

where are you now?