Tuesday, June 12

This has got to die


with one lip curled upwards
and eyes piercing the empty air
green lasers
shooting down

you're a hero
smashing every piece
of fine china
delicate to the bone

and cradling
your cuddly crocodile

and just smiling
to yourself
at the world
weaving its faithless
in blind fervour

such a pretty pink

and the water runs dry

what a great book

and the phone lines break

delightful meal

and the chill settles

and the inexorable distance

builds space

interminable waiting

creates calm

leashed longing

leans lazily

on a bed of indifference

and a pair of cool white teeth

beneath the grimace

conjure a confused


thou shalt be thine own worse enemy

if thee cannot be thine own best friend

still thinking

this has got to live?


Woman?? said...

Some bits felt like you were talking about me.

To be one's own enemy if unable to be one's own friend.
Is it a common curse among humans? I thought it was... rare.

Your imagery is a little beyond my comprehension... that makes it quite beautiful.

aria said...

your language glistens with the beauty of the imagery you've evoked .. its full of empathy .. something most would relate to ..

"thou shalt be thine own worse enemy
if thee cannot be thine own best friend"
how true!

cocaine jesus said...

like woman, i felt like this was about me.


Inkblot said...

a little bit of all of us here...