Wednesday, December 12


Bang Bang
He shot me down

Kill Bill
Kill Jill

Kiss Miss
Kiss this

Can't do it

Can't scream
Can't dream

Can't fight
Can't write

Can't even bite

Shadows can't fear
The remains of the day
They hold the night
In sway

Dodge the moon
Its way too soon
For the light
To blight

the balmy blue blankness


cocaine jesus said...

hello you.
you can write judging by this!

liam said...

can't write? not as far as i can tell. just spin those words...

1$ Saint said...

seems like you taking a break no...:(

1$ Saint said...

where are you?

i blamed u in my blog and u proving me right now.......come on move it...

Shadow Lor said...

i love your words