Monday, January 21


this is Kafka's sky
not yours or mine
thick dark thoughts
slowly catching
the dying dazzle
of day's end

sycamore silhouette
a sinister single

spiralling steadily
into that tidy cocoon
nestled in steel white grip
of muddy root
that dug its way in
to feed
on the heart of the
unborn butterfly


Shadow Lor said...

I keep having this picture in my head of the sky swallowing a butterfly...beautiful

I love trying to catch those dark thoughts. They keep me feeling alive

the wind owns my soul...I don't know why, but this reminded me of that.

Sophie said...

hi...hows u?...long time since i came here
and when i came here
its dark....

{illyria} said...

intense imagery! and i love the thought of a kafka sky. i mean, what kind of self-respecting writer wouldn't! :)

anonant said...

Nice illitration and the muddy root feeding on the unborn butterfly, very nice.
Sorry I have not visited in so long.

cocaine jesus said...


-Poison- said...

these lines are making me see the root gnawing at the larva's heart..lovely

therapy said...

I wanted to touch it, the Kafka sky. So beautiful.

Aradhita said...

you've got to be back...

White Magpie said...

Sounds almost Russian. Try to start writing again dude.

Ben said...

the words here have a strong visual quality. really enjoyed reading 'em.

Manish "Diogenes" Golder said...

"..Kafka's Sky..."


ricercar said...